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      Industrial Name Description
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      Paper Cup Cost Analysis
      Industrial Name Description

      Disposable Paper Cup Invest Analysis :

      Paper Cup Material:
      A. Make paper cup, the material is PE film coated/laminated paper. There are one
      (single) side PE film coated paper, two (double) side PE film coated paper.
      B. PE: Polyethylene;
      C. One (single) PE paper: the paper cup inside-surface is PE film laminated;
      D. Two (double) PE paper: the paper cup both surface are PE film laminated;
      E. PE paper weight: 1 square meter PE film coated paper weight (gram), use ¡¯gsm¡¯ ,
      there are 150gsm --- 400gsm paper, popular is 180gsm --300gsm;
      F. PE film weight: 1 square meter PE film weight, popular is 12---24 gsm;
      G. One side PE paper weight: PE film + raw paper, example: 200gsm + 15gsm, 250gsm +
      18gsm, etc.
      H. Two side PE paper weight: PE film + raw paper +PE film, example:
      15gsm + 200gsm + 18gsm, 15gsm + 250gsm + 18gsm, etc.
      I. Why use PE film paper to make paper cup? Because when heating (or ultrasonic wave)
      is applied to the PE film, the PE film will become melt, so that the paper will be
      sealed together by press.

      Paper Cup :
      A. Against the material:
      1.One PE paper cup, the material is one side PE film coated paper, inside surface
      of the cup is PE film coated;
      2.Two PE paper cup, material is two side PE film paper, both surface of the cup are
      PE film coated;
      B. Against the capacity: measure the cup , popular use ¡¯oz¡¯ (ounce), 1 oz means
      28.34ml capacity; there are 2oz, 3oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 9oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 22oz, etc.
      C. Against the dimensions:
      Regular Paper Cup (2oz--16oz, bottom diameter up to 80mm, height up to 125mm), made in ZBJ-A16
      Regular Paper Bowl (20oz--60oz, bottom diameter up to 130mm, height up to 125mm), made in ZW-35;
      High Cup (18oz---32oz, bottom dia up to 86mm, height from 125mm to 200mm ), in Special high cup
      machine (16 or 22 model).
      D. Against the usage: hot drinks, coffee cup, tea cup, etc; Cold drinks, colo cup, ice cream
      cups, etc.
      E. Note: One PE paper cup popular for hot drink, ice-cream cup, etc; Two pe paper cup
      suitable for all kinds of drinks.
      F. Cup size choice:


      Making Paper Cup :

      A. Make a decision: make what size cup? what kind of usage (hot or cold)? what gsm paper ?
      (cup cost against the size and paper gsm; the larger size, the heavier paper, higher cost)
      B. Buy PE film Paper:
      1.Buy one PE or two PE paper? (depending on the cup usage, also the cost).
      2.buy what size paper (sheet-size for cup-wall, roll paper for cup bottom)?
      (after decide the cup size, draw the cup spread fan-design, layout wall sheet
      design, you know that size of paper should buy).
      C. Printing step: print logo, do by yourself or done in out-serve. By yourself
      (have the flexo or offset printing machine); Done in out-serve (let the paper
      supplier, printing company help to finish printing step).
      D. Punching step: punch the printed sheet paper to cup-fan-wall. By yourself
      (have the PHQ-203C creasing and cutting machine, with the knife-board help,
      punch the sheet paper to cup-fan-wall), Done in out-serve (paper supplier or
      printing company do the job).
      E. Forming Step: Buy Paper cup machines .
      1.feed the punched-printed cup-fan-wall paper to the paper cup machine,
      2.feed the bottom-roll paper to the machine, machine auto make the cup.
      F. Packing: package paper cups in plastic bag, then to cardboard box, etc.

      How many sizes molds available ?
      A. paper cup machine has exchangeable mould which is good for most size of cup.
      B. It is best for one machine produce one size paper cup (the molds made based
      on requirement).
      C. If need extra sizes, better the exchange cups have same bottom diameter and
      same angle, this is easy and cheap for New Hand Customer



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